Controller Synthesis

Daniel Ciolek
Host: Gabriela Rino

17th September 2014 (Wednesday), 14:00 in ATT 206

Component-based construction of software is conceptually based on the idea that each component operationally contributes to achieve a sub-goal and that the conjunction of these sub-goals achieves the system requirements set out by stakeholders. In this context, reasoning about goal decomposition and then producing correct-by-construction components from the (sub-)goals is expected to ease development, and has been pursued in many guises and increasingly in adaptive systems.

Controller synthesis is a field which fits into this vision but has been mainly oriented towards hardware engineering (a highly componentised engineering discipline). Very abstractly, controller synthesis, given a model of the assumed behaviour of the environment and a system goal, produces an operational behaviour model for a component that when executing in an environment consistent with the assumptions results in a system that is guaranteed to satisfy the goal. In particular we focus on defining control problems for behaviour models expressed as Labelled Transition Systems (LTS) and parallel composition defined broadly as synchronous product. This setting is widely adopted in Software Engineering literature.

In this seminar the controller synthesis framework for LTSs will be presented. And our software tool support (MTSA) will be used to solve some practical examples.

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