Research Events

The Department of Informatics organises regular advanced and research level Computer Science meetings. Some of these meetings are international conferences and workshops (which are sometimes co-located with major international conferences).

The department's seminar series are active mainly during the two University teaching semesters.


The (External) Computer Science Seminar is a general external seminar series held on Friday afternoons.

PhD Seminars

The PhD Seminars are a series of talks held by computer science students from UK universities

There are also internal events including Thursday Morning SeminarsPhD Short Courses and APG Seminars (campus access only).

The department is also part of the MGS, a consortium of Midlands universities that organises summer schools and other meetings aimed at providing (beginning) Computer Science PhD students with a sound basis for their research in theoretical aspects of Computer Science. This includes a broad education in state-of-the-art techniques and issues in the Foundations of Computing Science, and training in the skills needed to conduct research in the modern world.

You may also want to check the seminar programmes of the other departments in the College of Science and Engineering.

Any related question can be addressed to the organiser, Alexander Kurz.

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