An IEEE TSE paper for Leandro Minku

Congratulations to Leandro Minku, whose paper "Dynamic Software Project Scheduling through a Proactive-rescheduling Method" has just been published in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering!

Paper abstract:

Software project scheduling in dynamic and uncertain environments is of significant importance to real-world software development. Yet most studies schedule software projects by considering static and deterministic scenarios only, which may cause performance deterioration or even infeasibility when facing disruptions. In order to capture more dynamic features of software project scheduling than the previous work, this paper formulates the project scheduling problem by considering uncertainties and dynamic events that often occur during software project development, and constructs a mathematical model for the resulting Multi-objective Dynamic Project Scheduling Problem (MODPSP), where the four objectives of project cost, duration, robustness and stability are considered simultaneously under a variety of practical constraints. In order to solve MODPSP appropriately, a multi-objective evolutionary algo-rithm (MOEA)based proactive-rescheduling method is proposed, which generates a robust schedule predictively and adapts the previous schedule in response to critical dynamic events during the project execution. Extensive experi-mental results on 21 problem instances, including three instances derived from real-world software projects, show that our novel method is very effective. By introducing the robustness and stability objectives, and incorporating the dynamic optimization strategies specifically designed for MODPSP, our proactive-rescheduling method achieves a very good overall performance in a dynamic environment.

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