Notification of Ill-Health or Mitigating Circumstance (DL Students)

This form is designed for a student to notify his or her department of mitigating circumstances which may have affected performance in one or more pieces of assessment. It is intended for use as part of the University’s Regulations governing the Assessment of Taught Programmes.

The University recognises that students may suffer from a sudden illness or other serious and unforeseen event or set of circumstances which adversely affects their ability to complete an assessment or the results they obtain for an assessment. In such cases the mitigating circumstances regulations and procedures may be applied. These regulations are designed to ensure the fair and consistent treatment of all students. Mitigating circumstances may include medical matters or events directly affecting someone other than the student.  

It is important that you disclose any mitigating circumstances to your department as soon as you believe that your performance may have been affected as it is unlikely that they will be taken into account if the mitigating circumstances are raised for the first time after a Board of Examiners has made a decision about your overall performance.

Examples of mitigating circumstances may include:The following would not normally be accepted as mitigating circumstances:
  • significant physical or psychological illness
  • severe personal difficulties
  • serious illness or death of a member of your immediate family (e.g. mother, father, sister, brother, son, daughter)
  • sudden deterioration in a long standing medical condition or disability
  • being the victim of a serious crime
  • legal proceedings requiring attendance at court.
  • failure to read the examination timetable or coursework deadline properly
  • pressure of work
  • failure to save work properly
  • minor illnesses or self-induced conditions (colds, hangovers etc.)
  • religious festivals
  • domestic or personal disruptions which may have been anticipated (e.g. moving house, holidays etc.)
  • sporting fixtures.
  • Evidence of mitigating circumstances

    It is not enough to just tell your department that you believe your assessment performance has been affected by a mitigating circumstance. You must also submit the appropriate mitigating circumstances form and supply your department with supporting documentation from an appropriate third-party as evidence of the mitigating circumstance.

    The evidence must explain: (1) what the circumstance is; (2) exactly how it affected you in relation to your studies/assessment; (3) precisely when (i.e. identifying which assessments were affected).

    You are responsible for obtaining all appropriate documentary evidence and ensuring that it is submitted on time. The University will not seek documentary evidence on your behalf. Only evidence written in English can be considered. It is your responsibility to obtain and submit a verified translation if the original evidence is in another language.

    Deadlines for Submission: For missed coursework or compulsory tests a form must be completed within 7 calendar days, for missed examinations a form should be completed by the end of the examination period which is affected. Any delay in submission does not have to be considered by the department for academic concessions.

    Please ensure you have read and understood the regulations before completing this form. The Education Unit in the Students' Union will be able to provide help, they can be contacted in the Percy Gee Building; by telephone on 0116 223 1132 or by email at



    Type of Notification   Please select what type of notification you are submitting to the department. You must choose one of the two options listed. For ill-health the department does request documentary evidence. For other circumstances which may have affected your studies, such as long standing illness, family problems etc please select mitigating circumstances. It is advised you should speak to your personal tutor about these circumstances as well as submitting this form.

    Date Circumstances Began  
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    Date Circumstances Ended
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