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The Department of Informatics (formerly the Department of Computer Science) is a young and dynamic department that takes a scientific and rigorous approach to all aspects of computing. We recognize that computing is a vibrant and diverse discipline, which ranges from the development of new processors, hardware and technologies through to the logical verification of such systems, and from the requirements and architecture of sophisticated software systems to mathematical models of programing languages.


At Leicester you can choose programmes so you may build on your strengths, whether they lie in creativity and innovation, applying business and financial sense, understanding and using the latest technologies or in learning about the scientific foundations of computer science. Whatever interests you have, we will help you to become an individual with drive, an innovator, and someone who can think computationally and be adaptable.


We take pride in our research, and all our academic staff are hired on the basis of international excellence, as well as their teaching skills. We work together with top researchers across the world to push the boundaries of knowledge in computing, in our main specialisms of algorithm design, logic and semantics and software engineering. Why is this of interest to you? It means that you are taught by experts, who really do know their subjects, and it ensures that the modules you study are modern and cover state-of-the-art topics.


Our teaching is inspired by our research and we aim to help you to become highly skilled professionals well-versed in advanced methods and tools. Our teaching is focussed on helping you to develop an inquiring and problem-solving ethos, to be innovative, and to think in a computational way. Our degree programmes are of high quality, and students leave us with a mixture of state-of-the-art practical skills, useful for today's employers, together with knowledge of fundamental principles of computing, useful for adapting to tomorrow's employers.

Our mission

You will be highly employable, and also very adaptable to future advances and changes in technology and science. Our aim is to provide you with an educational experience that is exciting, demanding, and challenging , and which prepares you for a career in a subject that has seen a startlingly rapid rate of change from the 1940's to the present day.

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