Professor Jonathan Barratt

The Mayer Professor of Renal Medicine

Contact details:

University: The Mayer IgA Nephropathy Laboratories.  Lab 105, 107, 125

NHS: The John Walls Renal Unit, Leicester General Hospital, Gwendolen Road, Leicester LE5 4PW

Telephone: +44 (0)116 258 8043


Personal details

BSc (Hons) M ChB (Hons) PhD FRCP

I lead the Renal Research Group within the College of Life Sciences, University of Leicester and personally supervise a 20 strong laboratory and clinical research team comprising 4 postdoctoral scientists, a non-Clinical Lecturer, a NIHR Clinical Lecturer, NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow, 2 technicians, 4 PhD students, a research manager, 6 research nurses and 5 research associates.

In the past 5 years I have been awarded £4.2M of funding as PI for research in the pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy and generated £1M of income from clinical studies.  I am the IGA nephropathy Rare Disease Group lead for the UK National Registry of Rare Kidney Diseases (RaDaR) and a member of the steering committee for the International IgA Nephropathy Network.  I work closely with a number of pharmaceutical companies interested in new treatments for IgA nephropathy.  I am Chief Investigator for five international randomised controlled clinical trials in IgA nephropathy, have attended both the FDA and EMA as an expert witness for new therapies in IgA nephropathy, and am a member of the FDA and American Society of Nephrology Kidney Health Initiative: Identifying Surrogate Endpoints for Clinical Trials in IgA Nephropathy Work group.  I am an Editorial Board member for Kidney International and Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology and sit on the Kidney Research UK Grants committee.  I am a member of the Renal GeCIP (Genomics England Clinical Interpretation Partnerships) and UK Glomerulonephritis Clinical Study Group.  I am also Head of the Postgraduate Speciality School of Clinical Academic Training, Health Education East Midlands.


The IgA Nephropathy Research Group

Nephrology 2016

Our group are interested in a number of aspects of the pathogenesis of this common glomerulonephritis. We host a number of undergraduate and postgraduate students, Academic Foundation doctors, NIHR Academic Clinical Felllows and Clinical Lecturers and are always happy to be contacted by clinicians and scientists wishing to develop an interest in research in kidney disease.

Current work themes

  • Dissecting the influence of the extracellular matrix in progression of IgA nephropathy. Dr Thanos Didangelos, Lecturer.
  • Manipulation of the gut microbiome in IgA nephropathy. Dr Chee Kay Cheung, NIHR Clinical Lecturer.
  • Identification of novel mesangial cell IgA receptors and defining their role in IgA nephropathy.  Dr Karen Molyneux, Senior Research Scientist.
  • The role of microRNAs in tubulointerstitial fibrosis in IgA nephropathy. Dr Izabella Pawluczyk, Postdoctoral Scientist.
  • Elucidating the 3-dimensional structure of the IgA1 moleculte in IgA nephropathy. Dr See Cheng Yeo, MD student and visiting Fellow from Singapore.
  • The role of KCa3.1 in tubular interstitial inflammation and interstitial fibrosis. Dr Dina Nilasarai, PhD student and visiting Fellow from Indonesia.
  • Defining the genetic contribution to IgA1 O-glycosylation in IgA nephropathy.  David Wimbury, PhD student.
  • Understanding the role of the CARD9 risk allele in IgA nephropathy. Fateh Kadhim, PhD student.
  • Defining the precise contribution of specific IgA1 O-glycoforms to renal inflammation in IgA nephropathy. Katrin Scionti, PhD student.


the Mayer IgA Nephropathy Laboratory hosts undergraduate and postgraduate students providing them with an excellent opportunity to develop their practical and analytical skills.

Senior members of the Laboratory teach on both undergraduate Biological Sciences degree courses and the Masters programmes in the College.

Clinical members of the Laboratory also teach in the Medical School delivering lectures and bedside teaching in the John Walls Renal Unit.

I am Head of the Postgraduate Speciality School for Clinical Academic Training for the East Midlands and work with both the University of Leicester and the University of Nottingham to deliver exceptional training for academic Foundation doctors, NIHR Academic Clinical Fellows and Clinical Lecturers.

In the Media

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