Academic Staff

Head of Department: Professor Andy Wardlaw

Deputy Head of Department: Dr Shaun Heaphy


To make free calls from the University network to the UHL Hospital network dial 83 + appropriate 4-digit extension. Precede number with 0116 when dialing outside of area.

NamePhone University emailLocation
Dr Yassine Amrani 223 1415/258 3794 MSB G29
Professor Peter Andrew 252 2951 MSB 227a
Professor Mike Barer 252 2933 MSB 136b
Professor Jonathan Barratt 258 8040 MSB 237
Dr Caroline Beardsmore 252 5811 RKCSB 519
Dr Alan Bevington 252 1402 MSB 121
Professor Peter Bradding 258 3998 GGH CS061
Professor Chris Brightling 258 3340 GGH CS090
Professor Nigel Brunskill 252 3062 MSB 210
Dr James Burton 258 8043 GGH
Dr Chee Kay Cheung LGH
Professor Martha Clokie 252 2959 MSB 106
Professor Andrea Cooper 252 2957 MSB 211
Professor David Cousins 250 2902 GGH BRU
Dr Athanasios Didangelos MSB
Dr Rachael Evans GGH
Dr Primrose Freestone 252 5656 MSB 229b
Dr Erol Gaillard 252 3261 RKCSB
Dr Ed Galyov 252 2980 MSB 107
Dr Sherif Gonem GGH
Professor Bibek Gooptu 252 7137 HW 0/23
Dr Neil Greening GGH/BRU
Dr Pranab Haldar 256 3472 GGH BRU
Dr Shaun Heaphy 252 2973 MSB 236
Dr Andrew Millard 252 5743 MSB 235
Dr Galina Mukamolova 252 7053 MSB 213
Dr Shamsa Naveed GGH
Dr Helen O'Hare 252 2947 MSB 129a
Dr Manish Pareek 258 6952 LRI
Dr Cat Pashley 252 3063 MSB G30
Professor Salman Siddiqui 250 2873 BRU
Dr Cordula Stover 252 5032 MSB 229a
Professor Russell Wallis 252 5089 MSB 218
Professor Andy Wardlaw 258 3734 GGH BRU
Dr Hasan Yesilkaya 223 1401 MSB 125

Emeritus Professors

NamePhoneUniversity emaillocation
Professor Bill Grant 252 2948 MSB 144
Dr Roger James 252 2948 MSB 114
Professor Karl Nicholson
Professor Mike Silverman 252 3261


Honorary Academic Staff

Dr Sanjay Agrawal GGH
Dr Sridhar Arani LRI
Dr Daniel Barnes GGH
Dr Peter Barry RKCSB
Professor Graham Boulnois
Dr Mike Browning (UHL) MSB
Professor John Feehally (UHL) LGH
Professor Ferreira-Vigouroux
Dr Ruth Green (UHL) GGH
Dr Neeta Kulkarni (UHL) RKCSBD
Dr Rana Lonnen
Professor Mike Morgan (UHL) GGH
Dr Hussain Mulla GGH
Professor Mike Nicholson (Cambridge) 01223 339221 Cambridge
Professor Chris O'Callaghan (UCL and GOSH) UCL
Dr Petra Oyston
Dr Adrian Palfeeman LRI
Dr Hitesh Pandya GSK
Professor Ian Pavord (Oxford) Oxford
Dr Mick Peake (UHL) GGH
Dr Kumar Rajakumar
Professor Robert Sim MSB
Honorary Professor Alice Smith (UHL) 0116 2584346 LGH
Dr Mick Steiner (UHL) GGH
Dr Iain Stephenson (UHL) LRI
Dr Julian Tang LRI
Dr Peter Topham (UHL) LGH
Mr David Waller (UHL) LGH
Prof Martin Wiselka LRI
Dr Gerrit Woltmann (UHL) GGH
Dr Gang Xu (UHL) LGH
Dr Bin  Yang (UHL) LGH


MSB: Maurice Shock Medical Sciences Building, RKCSB: Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Sciences Building, GGH: Glenfield General Hospital (Clinical Sciences Wing), LGH: Leicester General Hospital, LRI: Leicester Royal Infirmary

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