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Dr Tom Wilkinson (BSc. PhD. AFHEA)

Tom is an exercise physiologist and research associate working with the Leicester Kidney Exercise Team, based at the University of Leicester and University Hospitals of Leicester. He completed his PhD at Bangor University in 2015 on the effects of muscle cachexia in rheumatoid arthritis patients, and its effects on physical function and quality of life.

In Leicester, Tom currently overseas several clinical research trials investigating the effects of exercise and physical activity on a range of outcomes including muscle wasting and muscle dysfunction, physical function, balance, and immune function in kidney patients. He is a member of the Renal Association and British Renal Society Rehabilitation Network.

Tom was awarded the 2017 Lockwood Award from the Renal Association.

Research interests

  • ‘Exercise as medicine’: how adjunct treatment such as exercise and nutrition can influence health and performance;
  • The physiological and pathological mechanisms of chronic and hypokinetic conditions;
  • Consequences of aberrant body composition (sarcopenia, cachexia, and obesity);
  • Research design and outcome measure development (error, validation, reliability, clinical important differences).

Contact: tjw26@le.ac.uk

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