Dr Jinyu Shan

jinyuJinyu Shan earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Microbiology from Shandong University(山东) and Nankai (南开) University in China. After working for one and a half years as a research assistant in Hong Kong, he came to the UK in 2003 and studied for his PhD (An investigation into the molecular mechanism of marine phage infection on cyanobacterial photosynthetic antennae using both real time PCR and biochemical methods) under the supervision of Professor Nick Mann at University of Warwick. 

Since 2008, Jinyu has been working as a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Professor Martha Clokie’s laboratory, University of Leicester, UK. Jinyu’s areas of speciality and research interests include isolation, characterisation and pre-clinical development of bacteriophages (viruses infecting bacteria) targeting human pathogens, including Clostridium difficile (hospital superbug), Burkholderia pseudomallie (the causative agent of meliodosis) and tick-borne Borrelia strains (the causative agent of Lyme disease and Relapsing Fever). Jinyu has expertise in exploiting phages for detecting human bacterial infection. He has recently invented phage-based diagnostics targeting Borrelia infection. Jinyu also has skill set/interest in applying human cell cultures as model systems in investigating the efficacy and mechanism of phage therapy (therapeutic application of phages to combat pathogenic bacterial infections).

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