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Selected videos about Pellagra and the San Servolo Asylum

Goldberger and Pellagra

This well-produced video on the subject includes comments from historians Etheridge and Kraut.


Le malattie legate al cibo ieri e oggi (2015)

This documentary film explores some of the themes relevant to the project: http://www.1001storia.polimi.it/generate/expo2015/p_1965/index.html


Raymond Depardon - San Clemente 1980

Set on the island of San Clemente, this famous film captures the last moments of the soon-to-be dismantled asylum.


Alberto Visconti: Isola San Servolo - Venezia - Follia Reclusa (2015)

This video contains some fascinating images of the San Servolo museum.



L`unità speaks of the difficult living conditions of the peasants and the working classes in the last century: http://www.raiscuola.rai.it/articoli/classi-lavoratrici-condizioni-di-vita-nellottocento/6374/default.aspx


‘La collezione Lombroso e gli studi sulla pellagra’

(in the words of his grandson, Cesare Lombroso Jr., Harvard neurologist)


This video covers the reopening of the Lombroso Museum in Turin. Some of the factual content is not correct as he was in his 90s when this was recorded.

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