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  • Exhibition Poster, Venice
  • Exhibition Posters, Venice
  • View of San Servolo
  • San Servolo Entrance
  • Start of Exhibit
  • Corridor View
  • Side Entrance
  • View of Venice

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Exhibition Summary

The ‘Rough Skin’ exhibition explores the impact of epidemic pellagra on the people of Italy during the late nineteenth century. Pellagra, the tragic result of a diet based around maize polenta, affected several hundred thousand people, mostly poor peasants, leading to insanity in its latter stages. Using period photographs and based on original research, this exhibition documents how psychiatric hospitals like Venice’s San Servolo (for men) and San Clemente (for women) coped with what was then labelled ‘pellagrous insanity’ and how the disease impacted peasant families.

Exhibition Credits

Curator: David Gentilcore (University of Leicester)
Text and Research: David Gentilcore; Egidio Priani
Italian Translation: Egidio Priani (University of Leicester)
Film-maker: Martha Rose McAlpine
Graphic Design and Planning: Beatrice Baroncini, Giacomo Dal Prà, Valery Dantone, Cecilia Rabeschi, Stefano Zampieri
Consulting: Yewande Okuleye (University of Leicester); Mario Pasquotto (Accademia delle Belle Arti, Venice)
Images: LombardiaBeniCulturali; San Servolo Servizi, Venice; Wellcome Collection, London.
Funding: Economic and Social Research Council, United Kingdom

Virtual Tour

The video slideshow below provides a video tour of the 'Rough Skin' Exhibition, located on San Servolo, Venezia (7 June - 31 July 2016)

For the best viewing experience, play the video full-screen and at 1080p (HD) quality.

Rough Skin Homepage | External Videos

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