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  Project Conference

'Dietary Innovation and Disease in the 19th and 20th centuries'

San Servolo Island, Venice, 8-10 June 2016

Co-organisers: Prof. David Gentilcore and Dr Matthew Smith (Strathclyde)

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 Project Workshop

'La pellagra e la mania pellagrosa: rappresentazioni e interpretazioni' / 'Pellagra and pellagrous mania: representations and interpretations'

San Servolo Island, Venice, 2 July 2016

Organiser: Egidio Priani 

 Papers Presented

  • 'Risking insanity in nineteenth-century Italy: the State, the medical community and the belated public health response to the pellagra epidemic'

Presented at: European Association for the History of Medicine and Health, University of Lisbon, 4-7 September 2013

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  • 'Insanity’s Archive: Towards a Data Set of Asylum Patients in Late 19th-Century Venice'

presented at: Collecting, Organizing, Trading Big Data, Swiss STS Meeting, 20-22 February 2014, University of Lausanne

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  • Man-Made Disease: A Comparison of the Pellagra and Obesity Epidemics in Italy and the United States'

presented at: British Sociological Association, Food Study Group conference: Food and Society, London, 30 June 2014

[Abstract coming soon]

  • Centres and Peripheries in the Changing Understanding of Pellagra, conference session

Science and Technology on the Periphery (STEP) conference, University of Lisbon, 1-3 September 2014

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  • 'Mais, miseria e "mania pellagrosa" nel Polesine, 1840-1910'

Presented at: Il mais nella storia agricola italiana, iniziando dal Polesine, convegno di studi, Badia Polesine (RO), 27-28 September 2014

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  • 'Towards an Iconography of Pellagrous Insanity in Venice, 1873-1912'

Presented at:  Photographic Histories of Psychology, 25 November 2014, Photographic History Research Centre, De Montfort University, Leicester

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  • 'Italian Fringes: Pellagra between psyche and soma in Venetian asylums, 1840-1920'

Presented at: Psychopathological Fringes: Historical and Social Science Perspectives on Category Work in Psychiatry, Berlin, Institute for the History of Medicine, 13-14 February, 2015

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  • 'The Life Cycle of Pellagra Patients at San Servolo and San Clemente, Venice (1842-1912)'

Presented at: Segregation and Integration in the History of the Hospital, 10th meeting of the International Network for the History of Hospitals, Dubrovnik, March 2015

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  • ‘"A most wretched spectacle":  concentration and restraint in the Venetian Asylum during the XIX century'

Presented at: History and Philosophy of Psychology Section & UK Critical Psychiatry Network Joint Conference, 22-23 March 2016, Leeds Trinity University

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