The VMAD Database

The Venetian Mental Asylums Database (VMAD) is based on the patient files of the two insane asylums (manicomi) of San Servolo (men) and San Clemente (women), which served as the chief asylums for the Veneto region. It covers the period 1842-1912 for San Servolo and 1873-1912 for San Clemente, sampling one year in five, and is based on a total of 5,709 patient files, of which 1,587 relating to the pellagrous insane (830 men and 757 women).

VMAD has been deposited with the United Kingdom Data Service, to be made available to the scholarly community. It will be of interest to wide range of historians and social scientists for data on the conditions of north-eastern Italy during the nineteenth century and their effects; on the experience of pellagra and resulting insanity, by individual, family and community; and on disease classifications and representations with regard to mental illness during the second half of the nineteenth century.

VMAD can be accessed by clicking on this link: catalogue

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