As part of the project, we will be holding two major events, a Collaborator’s Workshop and a Book Launch for our recipe book.

Collaborators’ Workshop, 16 May 2015 at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.

This event will be based on a series of focus group discussions in which participants can share their views and experiences about authenticity and pulque / acarajé / flaounes / Welsh cider. Discussions will be audio-recorded and findings from the workshop will be integrated into a recipe-style book that discusses the role of history in making ideas about the authenticity of these foods and drinks.


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Book Launch, 23 October 2015, Senate House, London

This event will feature short presentations on the project findings and an overview of the recipe-style book that discussions the role of history and temporal categories like timelessness and origins in the making of ideas about authenticity of pulque, acarajé, craft cider and flaounes. Free copies of the book will be available for attendees and project participants, and we will also celebrate the book launch with a pot-luck dinner bringing our exploration of foods, drinks and their historical dimensions to life. Get cooking!


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Consuming Authenticities Project

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Do you have a story about pulque, craft cider, acarajé or flaounes? Are you interested in food, the history of food, or ideas about authenticity? Please get in touch with the project leader, Deborah Toner, if you’d like to know more or get involved in the project. We’re particularly keen to hear from producers, consumers, and retailers of the foods and drinks we’re investigating, as well as food writers, cooks, recipe collectors and anyone with a general interest in our areas of research.