Project Team

Professor Clare Anderson

Professor Clare Anderson (Principal Investigator, HyPIR)

Clare Anderson has a research background in the history of incarceration and penal transportation in the British Empire, including in South Asia, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean region. She is interested in connecting colonial histories of imprisonment to present-day practices of punishment.


Dr Melissa Ifill


Dr Melissa Ifill (Co-Investigator, University of Guyana)

Mellissa is a lecturer in the History Division at the University of Guyana and is the current chairperson of the Guyana Prison Service Sentence Management Board. Her current research interests include gender-based and ethnicised crime and violence in Guyana and the Caribbean.


Dr Tammy Ayres

Dr Tammy Ayres (Co-Investigator, Criminology)

Tammy Ayres has an interdisciplinary background and undertakes research in the area of drugs, drug policy and drug addiction, particularly in the context of prison. She is interested in looking at why some people can control their drug use, while others cannot, and has undertaken research for HM Prison Service and the Ministry of Justice in this area.

Professor Martin Halliwell


Professor Martin Halliwell (Co-Investigator, English)

Martin Halliwell’s research specialisms are the health humanities, with a focus on mental health, and American twentieth-century intellectual and cultural history. He is currently working on research projects on public health crises, the politics of health care, and biotechnology.


Dr Deborah Toner

Dr Deborah Toner (Co-Investigator, HyPIR)

Deborah Toner works on the social and cultural history of alcohol in the Americas, especially in relation to ideas of race, ethnicity, identity and nationhood. She is currently researching the historical development and operation of racial stereotypes about alcohol use in Mexico, the United States and Guyana.


Dr Diane Levine

Dr Di Levine (Co-Investigator, Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies)

Dr Diane Levine is Deputy Director of the Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies. Di completed an ESRC-funded PhD at the University of Warwick in 2015, following a career as a teacher, programme manager, and senior manager in the Civil Service. She brings significant impact, monitoring and evaluation experience to the project, alongside a keen interest in interdisciplinary methods and systems.


Dr Kellie Moss

Dr Kellie Moss (Research Associate)

Kellie Moss has a research background in the global integration of coerced labourers in the British Empire, with a particular focus on the entanglements between indentured servants, apprenticed juveniles, convicts, enslaved Africans, and Indigenous peoples.


Dr Dylan Kerrigan


Dr Dylan Kerrigan (Researcher, Criminology)

Dylan Kerrigan is a Caribbeanist with a PhD in anthropology who is interested in how systems of power extend of long periods of time and the ways they shape culture and the social on the micro level of everyday life today. His most recent publications are on masculinities and power, masculinities and violence, the criminal justice system in Trinidad and Tobago, and transnational therapeutic cultures.


Dr Kristy Warren

Dr Kristy Warren (Research Associate)

Kristy Warren researches the socio-political history of British colonialism in the Caribbean and the lingering legacies of this past in the region and wider diaspora. She is interested in exploring how colonialism continues to inform current institutional processes and the role Caribbean people can play in bringing about systemic change.


Ms Estherine Adams


Ms Estherine Adams (Research Associate)

Estherine Adams is a graduate student majoring in History.  Her research interests centers on the evolution of the prisons and the carceral state in the British Colonial Empire with an emphasis on the experiences of women in British Guiana.


Ms Queenela Cameron

Ms Queenela Cameron (Research Associate)

Queenela Cameron lectures in the Department of Government and International Affairs at the University of Guyana. She is currently conducting academic research on the juvenile detention and corrections facilities in Guyana, with the objectives of determining the extent to which these facilities comply with international best practices, and proposing recommendations to the newly established Juvenile Justice Department. She has also conducted a research on how some of the cultural practices of India facilitate discrimination against women and girls.  She is interested general and specific human rights research, including mental health.

Ms Shammane Joseph
Ms Shammane Joseph Jackson (Research Associate)
Shammane Joseph Jackson is a lecturer in the Department of History and Caribbean Studies at the University of Guyana, where she teaches a wide range of courses including through oral history. Her MA focused on the history of the British Guiana Railway System. She is interested in all aspects of the history of Guyana as a British colony, including enslavement and emancipation.



Mr Joseph Beyera

Mr Joseph Beyera is an Advanced mechanical Engineering with Management Masters student at the University of Leicester and works part time as a designer, programmer and developer of 3D Virtual Environments.




R Dawes

Ms Rachel Dawes (Project Administrator, UK)




Ms Raulene Kendall (Project Administrator, Guyana)


Advisory Board

Chair: Professor David Dabydeen, University of Warwick

Dr Catherine Cox, UCD

Anita Dockley, Howard League for Penal Reform

Professor Seeromanie Harding, KCL

Professor Kamlesh Khunti, University of Leicester

Professor Steve King, Nottingham Trent University

Mr Kieran Lynch, Public Health England

Dr Emma Palmer, University of Leicester

Dr Util Richmond-Thomas, Director, Mental Health Department, Guyana Ministry of Public Health


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