Project Publications

Publications and scholarly outputs of the Carceral Archipelago project.

Clare Anderson

OPEN ACCESS! Clare Anderson, "Inner Lives of Exile and Empire: reflections on the Ibis trilogy," American Historical Review 121, 5 (2016).

OPEN ACCESS! Clare Anderson, "Transnational Histories of Penal Transportation: Punishment, Labour and Governance in the British Imperial World, 1788-1939," Australian Historical Studies 47, 3 (2016).

PRE-PUBLICATION VERSION OPEN ACCESS! Clare Anderson, "Global Mobilities," in World Histories from Below: Disruption and Dissent, 1750 to the Present, edited by Antoinette Burton and Tony Ballantyne (Bloomsbury Academic, 2016).

OPEN ACCESS! Clare Anderson, "A Global History of Exile in Asia, c. 1700-1900," in Exile in Colonial Asia: Kings, Convicts, Commemoration, edited by Ronit Ricci (University of Hawai'i Press, 2016). 36-79. THIS VOLUME WON THE INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION OF ASIA SCHOLARS (ICAS) PRIZE FOR BEST EDITED VOLUME IN 2017.

OPEN ACCESS! Clare Anderson, "Convicts, Carcerality and Cape Colony Connections in the Nineteenth Century," Journal of Southern African Studies 42, 3 (2016).

PRE-PUBLICATION VERSION OPEN ACCESS! Clare Anderson, "Execution and its Aftermath in Nineteenth-Century British Empire," in A Global History of Execution and the Criminal Corpse edited by Richard Ward (Palgrave, 2015), 179-198.



Clare Anderson, ed., A Global History of Convicts and Penal Colonies (Bloomsbury Academic, 2018).

Clare Anderson, Eureka Henrich, Sarah Longair, Katherine Roscoe, "Empire and its Aftermath in Four (Post-) Colonial Settings," in The Palgrave Handbook of Prison Tourism (Palgrave, 2017).

PRE-PUBLICATION VERSION OPEN ACCESS! Clare Anderson, Carrie M. Crockett, Christian De Vito, Takashi Miyamoto, Kellie Moss, Katherine Roscoe, Minako Sakata, "Locating Penal Transportation: Punishment, Space, and Place c. 1750 to 1900," in Historical Geographies of Prisons: Unlocking the Usable Carceral Past edited by Karin M. Morin and Dominique Moran (Routledge, 2015), 147-167.

(in press, 2018) Christian G. De Vito, Clare Anderson, Ulbe Bosma, eds, "Penal Transportation, Deportation and Exile: Perspectives from the Colonies in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries," International Review of Social History, 62 (S25).



Christian De Vito

PRE-PUBLICATION VERSION OPEN ACCESS! Christian G. De Vito, "Connected singularities: Convict labour in late colonial Spanish America (1760s-1800)," in Micro-spatial Histories of Global Labour edited by Christian G. De Vito and Anne Gerritsen (Palgrave, 2018).

PRE-PUBLICATION VERSION OPEN ACCESS! Christian G. De Vito, "Labour Flexibility and Labour Precariousness as Conceptual Tools for the Historical Study of the Interactions between Labour Relations," in On the Road to Global Labour History edited by Karl Heinz Roth (Brill, 2016), 219-240

PRE-PUBLICATION VERSION OPEN ACCESS! Christian G. De Vito, "Convict Labour in the Southern Borderlands of Latin America (c. 1750-1910s): Comparative Perspectives," in Coerced Labour edited by Marcel van der Linden and Rodriguez Garcia (Brill, 2016), 98-126


Takashi Miyamoto

OPEN ACCESS! Takashi Minamoto, "Convict Labor and its Commemoration: the Mitsui Miike Coal Mine Experience," The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 15, 1.3 (2017).


Katherine Roscoe

OPEN ACCESS! Katherine Roscoe, "'Too many kill 'em. Too many make 'em ill': The Commission into Rottnest Prison as the Context for Section 70," Studies in Western Australian History, 30 (2016), pp. 43-58.

PRE-PUBLICATION VERSION OPEN ACCESS! Katherine Roscoe, 'A Natural Hulk: Australia’s Carceral Islands in the Colonial Period, 1788-1901', International Review of Social History, 63, S25 (2018).

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