Current Research Grants & Projects

Details of current research grants and projects in the School of History, Politics and International Relations are listed below.

Click here for details of some of our previous grants and completed research projects.

StrokeInstitutional strategic support fund

Wellcome Trust (£45,000)

January 2017 - December 2021

Professor Steve King

Unlocking Our Sound Heritage: Save our Sounds

Heritage Lottery Fund via the British Library (£528,924)

September 2018 - November 2021

Dr Sally Horrocks

Seal of the Committee for Maimed Soldiers Conflict, Welfare and Memory during and after the English Civil Wars, 1642-1710

Arts & Humanities Research Council (£545,088)

June 2017 - May 2021

Dr Andrew Hopper

New Amsterdam Prison. Photograph: Clare Anderson, 2017.MNS Disorders in Guyana's Jails, 1825 to the present day

Economic and Social Research Council (£1,007,672)

September 2018 - September 2021

Professor Clare Anderson

Worked in Stone (WiST): Completing the Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture

Arts & Humanities Research Council (£54,880)

February 2018 - February 2021

Professor Jo Story

Source: Bodleian Ballad Collection, Harding B13(11), accessed online at [accessed, 07/10/2018]; TNA MH 12/6854, 25 January 1867.In Their Own Write

Arts & Humanities Research Council (£613,971)

January 2018 - January 2021

Professor Steve King

A head for a tooth: violence in fascist Italy’s path to a Mediterranean empire

The Leverhulme Trust (£89,352)

January 2018 - December 2020

Dr Luca Fenoglio

Commercial Property Development and the Remaking of British Cities, 1950 - 2000

The British Academy (£246,333)

January 2018 - October 2020

Dr Alistair Kefford

Post-War urban reconstruction in China, 1937-1958

Arts & Humanities Research Council (£200,818)

September 2018 - September 2020

Dr Toby Lincoln

Princely states in British India: rethinking the economics of empire, 1857-1947

The Leverhulme Trust (£88,512)

September 2017 - August 2020

Dr Kate Boehme

The death penalty in British Overseas Territories since 1965

The British Academy (£4,796)

July 2018 - June 2020

Dr James Campbell

Princely Cities: Towards a New Urban History of South Asia, c. 1860-1960

The British Academy (£7,930)

January 2019 - January 2020

Dr Prashant Kidambi and Dr Kate Boehme

Some Body & No Body

Embodying the Aristocrat: A History of the Eighteenth-Century Elite Male Body

The Leverhulme Trust (£86,183)

October 2016 - October 2019

Sarah Goldsmith


Insular Manuscripts AD 650-850: Network of Knowledge

The Leverhulme Trust (£87,507)

October 2016 - September 2019

Professor Jo Story

Politics and script: Anglo-saxon influence at the Carolingian court

The British Academy (£51,216)

September 2018 - September 2019

Professor Jo Story

The politician's child: growing up in the public eye, 1970-2017

The British Academy (£5,350)

August 2017 - July 2019

Dr Elizabeth Hurren




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