Research Degrees

Areas of Research

History at Leicester offers opportunities for doctoral research in a wide range of subjects in British, European and Global history in the medieval, early modern and modern periods. Our staff supervision interests demonstrate the broad areas of research our students engage in.

Minimum and maximum periods of registation 

PhD full-time  2 years*  4 years 
PhD part-time  3 years*  6 years 
MPhil full-time  1 year  2 years 
MPhil part-time  2 years  4 years 

*This excludes the one year writing up period.


All research students are allocated a primary and secondary supervisor, who you meet regularly and receive expert supervision from either on an individual basis or through joint supervision. Supervisors will provide guidance on the planning of your research programme, using literature and sources and requisite techniques. They will also help plan and define goals and monitor the progress of your research. Progress is also monitored by the School Postgraduate Committee and Thesis Committee.

On both the MPhil and PhD programmes, you will initially be registered as an Advanced Postgraduate (APG). In order to be upgraded to full MPhil or PhD status, you will need to submit a report that will be the subject of an APG viva after nine months (for full-time students) or 18 months (for part-time students). This usually lasts for around an hour, and allows the examiners (your supervisor/s and another member of staff) to assess your progress and advise you on the future direction of your research.

Research Training

All research students in the School complete a training needs analysis at the start of each academic year and a programme of research training is drawn up in consultation with your supervisor. All students are encouraged to attend the Research Student Generic Skills Training Programme run by the College of Arts, Humanities and Law who provide comprehensive research training for all students in the College.

The Graduate School provides an introduction to research at the University in the first week of the autumn term, and the Student Development Zone also provides training courses and practical workshops for postgraduate students during the year.

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