Professor Steven King

Professor of Economic and Social History

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  • Office: Attenborough Tower Room 504Steve King (2)
  • Tel: +44 (0)116 229 7606
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  • Feedback and support times: On Study Leave in Semester 2 (Academic Year 2018/19).
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I obtained a BA (Hons) in Economic and Social History from the University of Kent and a PhD in Historical Demography from the University of Liverpool.


I have wide-ranging teaching interests. At undergraduate level my teaching includes or has recently included:

  • Poverty and Welfare in Britain 1597 to the Present
  • Histories of Violence
  • All Bourgeois Now
  • Making History

My MA teaching includes:

  • Directed Reading Module
  • The Country House


PhD Supervision

I supervise PhD students on topics across the chronological range from the 1650s to the present. My interests are thematically and spatially wide. I have particular interests in and would like to hear from students with project covering: the past present and future of the welfare state; experience of being poor 1700 to the present; literacy; life writing and autobiographies; histories of institutions (hospitals, workhouses and so on); the lives of patients and their doctors; corpus linguistics, histories of the family and kinship; histories of migration and belonging; medical remedies; histories of madness; histories of consumption and material culture (including fashion history); and almost any aspect of economic history and historical demography. I am also keenly interested in practice based PhDs, where those with interests in film making, poetry, creative writing, policy work or art undertake a practical project of their choosing and write a reflective piece on the nature of the research process which together constitute the PhD.

You may already have topics in mind, but if you are open to different ideas, then I have a number of pre-prepared PhD projects which spin out of my current grants. For these projects, historiographical reading is already identified and the core sources are already transcribed or located. For a list of these projects, please click here:


    S. A. King, Writing the Lives of the English Poor, 1750s-1830s (London, 2019)

    S. King, ‘Configuring and Re-Configuring Families in Nineteenth-Century England’, in C. Beardmore, C. Dobbing and S. A. King (eds.) Family Life in Britain, 1650-1910 (Basingstoke, 2019), 229-253.

    C. Beardmore, C. Dobbing, S. King, ‘Introduction’, in C. Beardmore, C. Dobbing and S. A. King (eds.) Family Life in Britain, 1650-1910 (Basingstoke, 2019), 1-19.

    C. Muldrew and S. A. King, ‘Cash, wages and the economy of makeshifts, 1650-1800’, in J. Hatcher and J. Stephenson (eds.), Seven Centuries of Unreal Wages (Basingstoke, 2018), 267-306,

    S. A. King, On Life and Death (Cambridge, 2018).

    S. A. King, Sickness, Medical Welfare and the English Poor 1750-1834 (Manchester, 2018)

    C. Beardmore, S. A. King and G. Monks, Disability Matters (Cambridge, 2018).


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