Articles in Refereed Journals and Publications- single Author


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Articles in Refereed Journals and Publications- joint Author (50%)


T.S. Ashton Prize Article


  1. (with D. E. H. Edgerton), 'British industrial research and development before 1945', Economic History Review, 47, (1994), pp. 213-38.


    Reprinted in D. E. H. Edgerton, (ed.), Industrial Research and Innovation in Business (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 1996).

Articles in Non-Refereed Journals and Publications- sole Author


  1. ‘The Chemical Industry: the later nineteenth century’ in Sandro Petuccioli (editor in chief), Storia della Scienza, vol. VII, La Scienza dell’800, sez E, D.M. Knight, ed., Roma: Instituto dell Enciclopedia Italiana fondata da Giovanni Treccani, 2003.

Articles in Non Refereed Journals and Publications- joint Author (all 50%)


  1. (With David Smith), ‘Implications of the history of medicine for the history of diet and body dimensions’, in J. Komlos, and J. Baten (eds.), The Biological Standard of Living in Comparative Perspective  (Frankfurt-a-M.: Fritz Steiner, 1998, pp. 497-508). ISBN 3 515 072209
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Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries etc


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  4. My article on Magnus Pyke was reprinted in The Scotsman during October 2005
    Five Biographical essays, c 1250 words each for European Women in Chemistry Wiley,  2011


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