Sarah Kirby

Sarah KirbyArtist in Residence, Centre for Urban History

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  • Tel: +44 (0)116 252 2767
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  • Office: Room 9, Marc Fitch House, Salisbury Road



Over the last 5 years,I have been working on a series of large linocuts of buildings in Leicester - an ongoing and ever growing project - informed by daily walking in, and increasing fascination with, the city and love of the urban landscape that features in my daily life.

The Leverhulme award came on the back of this series of work – wanting to extend my investigation and comment on a side of Leicester that hadn’t yet played a big part in my work - the architecture of its industrial and manufacturing past. 

I have been working as an artist and printmaker for 25 years, having graduated from West Surrey College of Art and Design in Fine Art, doing an MA in Museum Studies at City University, working in Museums for a bit, then doing an MA in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University.

My main practice is printmaking  - I primarily make linocuts and etchings – importantly informed by much drawing.  I have been a member of Leicester Print Workshop - an independent Fine Art Printmaking studio in Highfields, Leicester since 1993 (when I moved to the city) and it is my studio base for making much of my work.

As Artist in Residence. AIR I shall be attached to and spend part of my week at the Centre for Urban History  - for the next year -  and will be making a body of work informed by that association and engagement with the work and resources in the Centre.

Its a great opportunity – time and resources as well as access to such a valuable research facility – very exciting and valuable for any artist. 

I anticipate its beginnings will be focused around journeys (on foot) and the drawings I make on those journeys… and ultimately there will be an exhibition!

More work (and progress notes and images about the project as it goes on) can be found on my website.  

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