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Tel: +44 (0)116 252 2810

Email: dc253@le.ac.uk

Office: Number  5 Salisbury Road, Room 23

Office Hours: Semester 2, Monday 2pm-3pm, Tuesday 10am-11am

Dissertation Office Hour:  Tuesday 11am-12pm



I studied History at Selwyn College, Cambridge, before moving to the Open University to take up a PhD studentship. I submitted my doctoral thesis – ‘Crime, Policing and Control in Leeds, c.1830-1890’ – in 2012. In January 2013, I moved to take up my current role of Teaching Fellow in Social History at Leicester, where I co-ordinate courses on English local history and the history of crime and justice, spanning the period from the eighteenth to the early twentieth century.

Research Interests

My primary research interests are in crime and its control in nineteenth-century England. I am particularly interested in how ordinary people tried to deal with crime as part of their everyday lives, and the extent to which they relied upon state systems of policing and criminal justice. Hence, my doctoral thesis took a very broad view of ‘policing’ in a nineteenth-century city, examining ‘formal’ police organisation and practice alongside ‘informal’ civilian-led responses to crime, including crime prevention, detection and conflict resolution. I have further, related interests in the history of commercial security, police governance, the politics of police reform, and the historiography of policing and criminal justice. I have also previously worked on leisure towns and the seaside holiday in the late nineteenth century.

Recent Publications

‘Living in a leisure town: residential reactions to the growth of popular tourism in Southend, 1870-1890’, Urban History, forthcoming.

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