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My work sits at the intersection of social and cultural geographies, studies of political and social justice movements, and analyses of colonialism and decolonisation. My main area of research is the Canadian and American states as sites of historical and ongoing settler colonisation, with special attention to the complex and contradictory dynamics of social justice activism in those places. My most recent book (with Emma Battell Lowman), is titled Settler: Identity and Colonialism in 21st Century Canada (Fernwood Press, 2015). This book is an examination of how Settler Canadians identify with and through structures, systems, and stories of settler colonial domination, and how these durable social discourses can be confronted.

I am currently a Research Associate with the Carceral Archipelago Project, investigating settler colonial strategies of immobilisation and incarceration of Indigenous peoples and communities in the Great Lakes region, 1814-1914. This research will seek to uncover the ways that wider flows of population, both settlers and unfree labour, have been shaped by a social and political imperative to contain and constrain indigeneity, as evidenced in the creation of the reserve and reservation systems, the imposition of racialised regimes of border imperialism, and the assertion of social power to claim and 'purify' colonial space.

Selected Publications


Barker, A.J. (Forthcoming 2017). Settling: Invasion, Space-Making, and the Northern Bloc of Settler Colonialism. Vancouver: UBC Press.

Barker, A.J. & Battell Lowman, E. (2015). Settler: Identity and Colonialism in 21st Century Canada. Halifax: Fernwood Press.

Journal Articles

Barker, A.J. (2015). “‘A direct act of resurgence, a direct act of sovereignty’: Reflections on Idle No More, Indigenous Resistance, and Canadian Settler Colonialism.” Globalizations, 12(1), pp.43-65.

Barker, A.J. (2012). “Already Occupied: Indigenous peoples, settler colonialism, and the Occupy movements in North America.” Social Movement Studies, 11(3-4), pp.327-334.

Barker, A.J. & Pickerill, J. (2012). “Radicalizing Relationships To and Through Shared Geographies: Why Anarchists Need to Understand Indigenous Connections to Land, Sea and Place.” Antipode, 44(5), pp.1705-1725.

Barker, A.J. (2009). "The Contemporary Reality of Canadian Imperialism: Settler Colonialism and the Hybrid Colonial State." The American Indian Quarterly 33(3), pp.325-351.

Book Chapters

Barker, A.J., Rollo, T. & Battell Lowman, E. (In Press: forthcoming 2016). “Settler Colonialism and the Consolidation of Canada in the 20th Century.” In: Lorenzo Veracini & Edward Cavanagh, eds., The Global History of Settler Colonialism. London: Routledge.

Barker, A.J. (2010). “From Adversaries to Allies: Forging respectful alliances between Indigenous and Settler Peoples.”  In: Lynne Davis, ed., Alliances: Re/Envisioning Indigenous-non-Indigenous Relationships. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, pp.316-333.

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