Dr Luca Fenoglio

Leverhulme Early Fellow

Contact details

Office: Attenborough Tower 816


I conducted my undergraduate and postgraduate studies at the University of Turin, Italy (BA equivalent in European History, 2009; MA equivalent in History, 2011). In 2012 I moved to the University of Edinburgh to pursue a PhD in Modern European History under the supervision of Professor Donald Bloxham. After obtaining my PhD in 2016, I was a teaching fellow in the School of History at the University of Leicester and then a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Yad Vashem’s International Institute for Holocaust Research.


My research investigates the perpetration of and resistance to mass violence, with a specific focus on Fascist Italy, the Holocaust and the Second World War.

For my Leverhulme Trust ECF project I will look at Italian Fascist violence against non-military enemies in the context of Italian occupations during the Second World War.



Fenoglio, Luca, Angelo Donati e la «questione ebraica» nella Francia occupata dall’esercito italiano (Turin: Silvio Zamorani, 2013).

Journal Articles

Fenoglio, Luca, “Between Protection and Complicity: Guido Lospinoso, Fascist Italy and the Holocaust in Italian-occupied Southeastern France”, Holocaust & Genocide Studies (forthcoming).

Book chapters

Fenoglio, Luca, “What ‘New Order’? Fascist expansionism and the Jews: the case of Southeastern France, 1942-1943”, in Karine Varley and Marco Maria Aterrano (eds), A Fascist Decade of War? 1935-1945 in International Perspective (Routledge, forthcoming).

Book reviews

  • Fenoglio, Luca, review of Petrella, Luigi, Staging the Fascist War. The Ministry of Popular Culture and Italian Propaganda on the Home Front, 1938–1943 (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2016), H-Soz-Kult, 2017.
  • Fenoglio, Luca, review of Zuccotti, Susan, Père Marie-Benoît and Jewish Rescue: How a French Priest Together with Jewish Friends Saved Thousands during the Holocaust (Bloomington & Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2013), Vingtième

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