Research Interests

Research Themes

Being familiar with several Southern and Eastern European languages such as Czech, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Italian, my research fields are Balkan, Eastern European and German history of the late 19th and the 20th centuries in a transnational and comparative perspective. With the Holocaust as a starting point, I began to link this mass crime to other cases of mass violence in Europe and its colonies in modern history, thus becoming increasingly interested in the entangled history of mass violence in Europe, and the methods and means to analyze it. By studying the historical sociology of mass violence and nationalism, I aim to go beyond a mere description of the emergence and outcomes of violence. Of particular interest is the question how societies managed to avoid or to overcome violent crises, where the turning points of mass violence are, and how societal unfold.

Current Research Interests

I am currently working on a monograph, entitled ‘Europeanizing World War Two: Hitler's Allies in Eastern Europe'. I am exploring the history of wartime Europe from the perspective of Germany's and Italy's small allies in Eastern and Southeastern Europe: Finland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and Greece. Many of these countries became not scene of WWII-operations, but also of internal civil wars in the course of which a large number of mass crimes and acts of expulsions took place. Moreover, up to 15 percent of the number of Jews killed in wartime Europe came from these states. By comparing the agendas, the agencies and the scopes of action of these smaller states, I aim to Europeanize the history of Nazi Europe by closely studying what has been perceived for too long as its periphery. 

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