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In many counties the Victoria County History is the first port of call for anyone wanting to know more about the history of a specific town or village. Unfortunately only five Leicestershire volumes have been published, the last in 1964. The histories of around 300 towns and villages need to be researched and written to complete the series.
A small band of enthusiastic volunteers has now been recruited and they are currently researching the histories of 27 towns and villages across the county. Transcripts of original documents are gradually being placed online on the Leicestershire Victoria County History webpages and may be of interest to local and family historians and others. In due course, completed village histories will also be added to this site. Additionally, when a group of contiguous parishes has been completed, these town and village histories will be gathered together and published in hardback. The Victoria County History has an enviable reputation for the quality of its scholarship and its accessible language, and this will create a valuable resource for many people, including heritage professionals, local residents, schoolteachers and family historians.
My role as volunteer coordinator is to work alongside the volunteers, providing them with the training and support that they require. The Victoria County History is respected for its breadth as well as its quality, and the volunteers need to be able to interpret non-documentary sources and to read and interpret original documents from all periods.
In addition to my work with the volunteers, my role also includes outreach work and supporting Leicestershire Victoria County History Trust more generally, particularly with its fundraising efforts. Leicestershire Victoria County History Trust is a registered charity, number 1128575.


Leicestershire history – all places and periods; history of coroners and sudden death investigations; social and cultural history of death and dying; histories of crime and of medicine in the 18th and 19th centuries; medical ethics and the doctor-patient relationship, c. 1750-1880.

Most Recent Publications

  • P.J. Fisher, ‘Edmund Whitcombe and the detection of homicide in Georgian Shropshire’, Family & Community History, 14 (2011), 3-23.
  • P.J. Fisher (co-editor, with M. Thompson and A. Fox), English Local History at Leicester: A Bibliography and History, 1999-2008 (Leicester, 2009), 84 pp.; also ‘Preface’, ibid., pp. 6-7.
  • P.J. Fisher, ‘Death, decomposition and the dead-house: the English public mortuary’, Funeral Service Journal, 124 (2009), 90-95.

Full list of publications

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