Research Grants

Research Grants

All as principal investigator unless stated

National Science Foundation/JISC, ‘Digging into Data II’ (with partners in USA and Canada), 2012-14. UK share c.£100,000.

European Commission FP7, ‘Data without Boundaries’, 2011-15. €9,500,000 (wrote successful bid as PI for multinational project incorporating 28 partners across Europe: award and contract transferred on move from Essex to Leicester)

ESRC, ‘The Integrated Census Microdata Project’, 2009-2013: £1,025,438 (plus £12 million contribution from commercial partner). RES-062-23-1629

European Commission FP7, ‘Enhancing the CESSDA data research infrastructure: preparatory phase project’, 2008-2009. €2,900,000.

ESRC, ‘Economic and Social Data Service’, 2007-2012. £10,104,821. RES-574-47-003. National Science Foundation, ‘The North Atlantic Population Project- Phase II (with Minnesota)’. £30,000.

ESRC, ‘The Victorian Panel Study’, 2004-2005. £109,426. RES-500-25-5001 ESRC, ‘Census Registration Service/Census Portal’, 2006-2011. £1,559,301. RES-348-25-0002.

ESRC, ‘National Centre for e-Social Science’, 2004-2007. (joint with Peter Halfpenny Manchester). £138,687. RES-149-28-1001

ESRC, ‘Economic and Social Data Service: Management, Core Ingest, Delivery and Preservation and Value Added Functions’, 2003-2007. £6,151,662. RES-574-47-5001.

ESRC, ‘Scoping for a Victorian Panel Study’, 2003-2003. £9,994.

National Science Foundation, ‘The North Atlantic Population Project (with Minnesota)’, 2002. £70,000.

ESRC, ‘OSCAR: One Stop Census Access and Registration Service’, 2001-2006. £441,166. H507255176.

ESRC, ‘Qualitative Data Service’, 2001-2002. £104,988. H533475002.

ESRC, ‘The Data Archive Core Award’, 2000-2002. £2,102,766. H502285005.

JISC, ‘Support for the Data Archive for Teaching’, 2000-2003 £1,580,000.

ESRC, ‘The Future of Work: An Historical Perspective’, 1998-2001. £218,359. L212252004.

Nuffield Trust, ‘The history of disabilities’, 1998. £5,300. The Science Museum (London), ‘The historic distribution of surnames’, 1998. £5,000.

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