Peter Jones

Honorary Research Fellow

Research Interests

I have a long standing interest in the problems of public office holding in nineteenth and twentieth century British urban society. Much of this work has been comparative looking at the characteristics of urban elites across time and space. In particular this has entailed examination of the ethical environment in which urban leaders operated. This has drawn me into the analysis of the issues of urban governance and specifically corruption amongst office holders and others in a range of cities – London, Glasgow, Newcastle and elsewhere. It is my intention to follow this line of research into European and American cities.


  • ‘Belfast Corruption 1921-1968 and the curious case of Ann Copeland,’ Urbanities, 5, 10, 3, (February 2020) 81-93.
  • ‘A modest rejoinder from a historian’, Urbanities, On Legitimacy: Multidisciplinary Reflections, 9,Supplement 2, (April 2019). 25-28.
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  • Unfinished Work: An Essay in Honour of H.J. Dyos 1921 – 1978 (University of Leicester, 2010)

Pre-2000 Publications

  • The 1848 Revolutions (Longman’s Seminar Studies in History, first edition, 1981)
  • ‘The Recruitment of Office Holders in Leicester 1861-1931’, Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society: Transactions, 57 (1981-82) 64-77
  • ‘Perspectives, sources and methodology in a comparative study of the middle classes in nineteenth century Leicester and Peterborough’, Urban History Yearbook (1987) 22-32
  • The 1848 Revolutions (Longman’s Seminar Studies in History, second edition, 1992)
  • ‘The 1848 Revolutions’, History Review (1992) 30-34
  • Leicester in the Twentieth Century (Allan Sutton, 1996) with D. Nash, D. Reeder and R. Rodger

Conference Papers

  • ‘In Search of the Middle Class in the East Midlands in the Late Eighteenth Century’, Groupe Internationale d’Histoire Urbaine: Les Petites Villes en Europe Occidentale du XIII au XIX siècle, University of Lille 1987
  • ‘Urban Elites in the East Midlands c. 1880-1930’, Seconde Conference Internationale d’Histoire, University of Strasbourg (1994)
  • ‘Graft and Corruption in Glasgow 1933-1947’, European Social Science History Conference, Glasgow 2012
  • ‘Power of the Powerless: The case of Danilo Dolci and Partinico, Sicily 1952-1968’ European Social Science History Conference, 2016, Valencia.
  • ‘Belfast t Corruption: The Strange case of Ann Copeland and the Public Housing Sector 1953-54’. Belfast 2018.
  • ‘Workers’ City, Culture City, Corrupt City: Glasgow 1945- 1998’, The Transformation of Urban Britain Since 1945, University of Leicester, 2013
  • ‘Images of Corruption in British Cities: Glasgow, Liverpool and Newcastle, c.1880-1930’,  City-Power-Corruption: Practices, Debates and Perceptions of Urban Corruption in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, University of Darmstadt 27-29 April 2016
  • ‘Corrupt Triangle: Belfast, Glasgow and Liverpool 1890-1940l’, Oxford Brookes University, 2019


  • ‘Belfast Corruption 1921-1968 and the curious case of Ann Copeland’, Urbanities vol10, February 2020.
  • ‘Legitimacy Debate: A Modest Rejoinder from a Historian’ Urbanities Vol 9, April 2019.
  • ‘Urban Governance and its disorders’ International Journal of Regional and Local History, 14,2 November 2019


  • ‘Review of Periodical Articles Post-1800’, Urban History, 43, Part 2, May 2016, 325-335
  • ‘Beyond the Tower: A History of East London’ by John Marriott (Yale 2011), Urban History, 39, 3, August 2012, 544-545


  • ‘Civic Corruption in the Twentieth Century: The case of Belfast and Glasgow c. 1920-1970’ , in T. Crook and I. Cawood (eds) The Many Lives of Corruption: The Reform of Public Life in Modern Britain (Manchester OP 2021).
  • ‘La reputation perdue de Glasgow 1919-1939’ in N. Maisetti and C. Mattina (eds.) La Maudire la : ville : Socio-histoire compare de la corruption urbaine ( Marseilles 2021)

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