Mikkel Høghøj

BiographyMikkel Hoghoj

Currently (2015-2019), I am inscribed as a PhD Fellow at the School of Culture and Society at Aarhus University, Denmark. I hold a BA in Intellectual History and a MA in Cultural History also from Aarhus University. In the spring of 2018 I will be visiting CUH, Leicester University, as a visiting fellow.

My PhD project has the title Structuring the welfare city: Urban planning, mass housing and the becoming of ‘welfare subjects’ in Danish cities ca. 1945-85. By exploring different roots, aspects and dimensions of urban policies, planning projects knowledge production, media discourses and personal experiences, I seek to understand how the ‘social order’ and ‘human subject’ of the Danish welfare society were negotiated, facilitated and reproduced through production and utilization of urban space. Focusing primarily of the planning and utilization of three Danish mass housing estates in three different cities, the project aims to demonstrate how the emergence of the Danish welfare society did not only involve new social and economic legislation and policies, but also a new urbanity and urbanism that found expression physically, socially and mentally. Doing so, I hope to provide insight into how the production and transformation of urban space in the post-war decades was not just a result of the development of the welfare state and an economic upswing, but also a channel through which the societal order was actively shaped, maintained, negotiated and contested.


Research interests

• Urban history in the 20th century

• Welfare state history

• Historical geography

• The social and cultural history of architecture

• Urban utopias and dystopias

• Cultural theory

• Critical geography

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