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Personal Details

I am a PhD student of modern (German) history and a research associate (Wiss. Mitarbeiter) at the Institute for Franconian Regional History of the Universities of Bamberg and Bayreuth, where I’m working on a dissertation on the history of the police forces of Nuremberg 1918-1952. I have received a B.A. in History with a focus on early European colonial history and a Teaching degree (1. Staatsexamen) in History and English with a focus on modern German and American history from the University of Bamberg.

Research Interests

I am particularly interested in studying the development of modern security policies and institutions, esp. the Bavarian police. My thesis contributes to the understanding of patterns of persecution and violence among modern police forces which in the case of Germany in the 1930s and 40s were a key institution for the persecution of civilians and ultimately for the Holocaust. My goal is to show the effects of structural changes in the German and Bavarian police forces on the behaviour and agency of the police men and the consistencies and continuities of patterns of persecution and police violence before and beyond 1933-1945. Furthermore, I am interested in the history of National Socialism and the Holocaust, regional history (Landesgeschichte), and 20th century German and American history.

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