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Research interests: My research has focused mainly on the issue of UK food security - one of the recognized ‘Grand Challenges’ for the international research community. In addition to my research publications I have acted as the series consultant and contributor for BBC’ 8-part living history ‘Wartime Farm’ series. This is an historical, observational documentary covering eight one hour episodes, focusing on how farmers were affected by the state directed food production campaign in the Second World War. I my contribution to the series formed the basis of a highly rated single authored 2014 REF Case Impact Study. Since then I have acted as the consultant and contributor to BBC’s six part ‘Tudor Monastery ‘Farm series, and ‘Full Steam Ahead’ and ITV’s ‘Home Fires’ series.

I am also actively involved in Tensions in Europe initiative this is the latest in a series of workshops organised by the Tensions of Europe (ToE) network’s theme group on natural resources. Earlier events were held in St. Petersburg (October 2016), Århus (May 2017) and Athens (September 2017, as part of the ToE conference).

I am undertaking research into the impact of the First World War on food production and supply in Leicestershire as part of the Heritage Lottery Funded Century of Stories Project. This is supporting the people of Leicestershire to explore their personal connection to the First World War. Running from 2014 to 2018, it focuses on how the major social changes brought about by the war still resonate in society today. Such research will be of immense value in further raising interest in local history, for which the department is internationally acclaimed


Publications since 2016:

•‘Strategies for the survival of landed estates.’ in C. Beardsmore et al The Land Agent: Past, Present and Future (Cambridge Scholars, 2016)

•The Changing Relationship of the Wild Rabbit in Britain since the Nineteenth Century’, in Tuomas Räsänen et al (eds.) "Shared lives in changing societies: Animal agencies in the North”. Peen State University Press (2016)

•‘The loss of livestock, the issue of fodder supply: the impact of the 1962-3 winter’ Agricultural History Review (2016)

•‘The Derby scheme and the Hinckley Local Military Service Tribunal during the First World War.’ The Leicestershire Archaeological and Historical Society Transactions, vol 91 (2017)

Opinion paper ‘Brexit and the Great British Breakfast’ May 2018

Policy paper ‘Brexit trades and tariffs: challenges and opportunities for agriculture.’ May 2018


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