Dr Emine Zeytinli

Honorary Fellow in the School of History 

Personal details 

PhD (Istanbul University, Economic History) 

I joined the department as an Honorary Fellow, School of History in September 2017. Prior to joining the School, I was a member of  Department of International Trade, Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey.  

I completed my PhD on the electrification history of the Ottoman Empire which examined government concessions, involvement of European investors and their economic impacts. I later developed interest on government concessions of railway construction and involvement of foreign investments. 

Current Research Interest 

My research is primarily on Anglo-Ottoman textile history and commercial convention, the effect of British manufactured textile to the economic downfall of the Ottoman local industries.  I investigate the effects of cheap machine-made British textile exports on Ottoman small scale production in the first decade after the commercial convention of 1838 with a focus on British merchants and consuls. 

Research Grants 

My current research is granted by the scientific research council of Turkey and previously granted by the Pasold Trust, an independent market of quality on history of textile. 




















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