Centre for Urban History

Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) if calling from outside of the University.

Academic and Research Related Staff

Professor Simon Gunn

Director of CUH

Professor of Urban History




Dr Richard Butler

Lecturer in the Historic Built Environment



Colin Hyde

East Midlands Oral History 
Archive Researcher and Outreach Officer

5065 ch38@le.ac.uk

Dr Prashant Kidambi

Associate Professor in Colonial Urban History

2766 pk64@le.ac.uk
Dr Toby Lincoln Lecturer in Chinese Urban History 5907 tl99@le.ac.uk

Professor Roey Sweet

Professor of Urban History

2592 or 2837





University Fellows

Professor Peter Clark Honorary Visiting Professor -


Dr Lucy Faire Honorary Fellow 2810 ljf2@le.ac.uk
Dr Michael Heaton Honorary Fellow - mwh18@le.ac.uk
Dr John Hinks Honorary Fellow 5925 jh241@le.ac.uk
Mikkel Høghøj Visiting Fellow mh555@le.ac.uk
Dr Katy Layton Jones Honorary Fellow - kllj1@le.ac.uk
Peter Jones Honorary Research Fellow - psj4@le.ac.uk
Dr Denise McHugh Honorary Fellow 2810 dm7@le.ac.uk
Professor Carl Nightingale Honorary Visiting Professor - cn6@buffalo.edu
Professor Richard Rodger Honorary Visiting Professor - richard.rodger@ed.ac.uk

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