Centre for Urban History

Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/229 where indicated) if calling from outside of the University.

Academic and Research Related Staff


Dr Prashant Kidambi

Associate Professor in Colonial Urban History

2766 pk64@le.ac.uk
Professor Simon Gunn Professor of Urban History 5291



Colin Hyde

East Midlands Oral History 
Archive Researcher and Outreach Officer

5065 ch38@le.ac.uk
Dr Toby Lincoln Lecturer in Chinese Urban History 5907 tl99@le.ac.uk

Professor Roey Sweet


Dr Richard Butler

Director of CUH

Professor of Urban History

Lecturer in the Historic Built Environment

2592 or 2837









University Fellows

Professor Peter Clark Honorary Visiting Professor -


Dr Lucy Faire Honorary Fellow 2810 ljf2@le.ac.uk
Dr Michael Heaton Honorary Fellow - mwh18@le.ac.uk
Dr John Hinks Honorary Fellow 5925 jh241@le.ac.uk
Mikkel Høghøj Visiting Fellow mh555@le.ac.uk
Dr Katy Layton Jones Honorary Fellow - kllj1@le.ac.uk
Peter Jones Honorary Research Fellow - psj4@le.ac.uk
Dr Denise McHugh Honorary Fellow 2810 dm7@le.ac.uk
Professor Carl Nightingale Honorary Visiting Professor - cn6@buffalo.edu
Professor Richard Rodger Honorary Visiting Professor - richard.rodger@ed.ac.uk

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