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TitleDate and TimeLocation
'The War Memorial University: the foundation of a university college in Leicester in the wake of the First World War.' 16 November 2018 4:30pm Attenborough Tower 208
The Elephant in the Room: Harun al-Rashid and the Carolingians 20 November 2018 Charles Wilson 4th Floor, SR 408 Woodhouse
'Abraham's Luggage - A Social Life of Things in the Medieval Indian Ocean World' 27 November 2018 Ken Edwards Ground Floor, Lecture Theatre 2
'Monasteries and Families in Anglo-Saxon England' 30 November 2018 4:30pm Attenborough Tower 208
'Sons and Heirs of Satan': The Greeks as Heretics in Late Medieval Forged Papal Bulls 11 December 2018 5:30 Bennett Lower Ground Floor Lecture Theatre 3
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