I need to buy something, what do I do?

The School uses the Smarter Purchasing system for all goods and services which are not normally incurred while travelling on University business.*

In this process, a purchase order is required which confirms to the supplier that we are going to use their services. Once the activity has taken place, the supplier invoices the University, quoting the purchase order.

*incidental expenditure, incurred when travelling on University business should be reimbursed via the expense procedure

Why do I need a purchase order?

A purchase order speeds up the processing of the invoice, and therefore the supplier receives payment faster. From January 2018, the University is introducing a 'No Purchase Order, No Pay' policy, whereby invoices submitted to the University without a quoted purchase order will be returned to the supplier which will ultimately delay payment.


How do I get a purchase order?

To request a purchase order, please email hypirfinance@le.ac.uk with an original quote from the supplier*. Once raised, the finance team will confirm this with you so that the order can be finalised.

*this must be a written quote from the supplier


1. Do I need to obtain a PO for internal services, such as print services?

No, internal services are automatically transferred, we do not have to process an invoice for these bookings. However, copies of bookings/invoices should be forwarded to the office for budget checking purposes.

2. Do I need to obtain a PO to book with College Court?

No, College Court is treated as an internal service.

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