How do I claim for expenses?

Expenses incurred on behalf of the University can be claimed for using the University's EC1 form.

The expense claim form EC1 should be used only for incidental expenses, normally incurred when travelling on University business. They should not be used for the purchase of equipment or supplies for academic activities and wherever possible goods and services should be ordered using a University Purchase Order.


Who do I submit the claim to?

Completed forms with evidence should be submitted to the School's finance team, in room 707 of the Attenborough Tower


Important Information

  • Claims must be made within 3 months of incurring the expense.
  • Claims must be submitted with original supporting evidence of the expense, the most common form of evidence is a receipt (NB: for meals it is essential that the itemised bill is included with the receipt showing payment)
  • If you are not sure whether you can claim for an item using the EC1 form after looking at the financial regulations, please check with the School Office (hypirfinance@le.ac.uk) before you incur the expense
  • To speed up processing of claims, where there are multiple supporting documents, please ensure that before handing the claim in to the office you order the evidence in accordance with the EC1 form

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