Dissertation Preference Form 2020/21.

You should submit this form if you are currently taking HS2500 and plan to write your dissertation in History next year, or if you plan to be abroad next year and will be taking your dissertation when you return to Leicester after your time abroad. Please complete and submit this form by 5pm on 19 February 2021 so that the module convener can contact you with suggestions about your research proposal. This is not a first come and first-served process, so you do not need to rush. Take your time, use the Dissertation Ideas Guide and speak to the module convener.

Please note that this process is an integral part of module HS2500. Non-submission of the form will result in failure of the module

Student Details
Will you be on a year abroad next year?   Only complete this if you are moving to a 4 year degree with a year abroad.

If you are intending to use the topics in the Dissertation Ideas Guide, please answer Question 1 and Question 2.
If you are intending to develop your own topic, please answer Question 3.
In instances where you wish to indicate interest in one topic from the Dissertation Ideas Guide and propose an independent topic, complete Questions 1, 2, and 3.
Question 1
Please indicate your first and second preferences for dissertation topics, using the numbers provided in the Guide. Remember that you may only choose one post-1800 topic (unless you are Contemporary History when both topics must be post-1900) and only one Northern/Central American topic.
Question 2
In the box below, please provide any initial thoughts, on a specific focus, approach of source material, for each of your preferences, so the module convener can help students choosing the same topic develop a distinctive project.
Question 3
If you are intending to develop your own topic(s), please provide a brief description of the area in which you wish to undertake your research (include historical period; region; type of history; keywords or short description/research questions). If you are proposing two topics, remember that only one may be post-1800; and only one topic may have a Northern/Central American focus.

Forms which are incomplete and/ or incorrectly filled out may result in a delay processing your options and you may miss out on your first preference. Please double check information provided above before submitting your preferences.

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