Elaine Boyle

Senior Lecturer in Neonatal Medicine


Department of Health Sciences
Centre for Medicine
University of Leicester
University Road
Leicester LE1 7RH

Tel: 00 44 116 2525447

Email: eb124@le.ac.uk   


  • Late and moderate prematurity
  • Neonatal pain
  • Enteral feeding of preterm infants
  • Randomised controlled trials in neonates


  • Development of a clinical tool for assessment of persistent pain in neonates


  • Towards reducing variations in infant mortality:a population approach
  • A population-based study of the health and developmental consequences of preterm birth
  • NeoOpioid: No pain during infancy by adapting off-patent medicines


  • Child Death Overview Panel
  • Clinical Policy and Guidelines Advisory Group, University Hospitals, Leicester


  • Neonatal pain; All Irish Neonatal Study day, Cork, March 2008
  • Infant Feeding; Trouble up North Neonatal Study Day, Wakefield, November 2008
  • Late and Moderate Preterm Birth; Neonatal Study Day, Wishaw, January 2009
  • Late and Moderate Preterm Birth; North Trent Neonatal Network Meeting, May 2009



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