Sue Cradock

PhD student

c/o Department of Health Sciences
University of Leicester
Centre for Medicine
University Road
Leicester, LE1 7RH



A graduate of Portsmouth University, Sue trained as a nurse and specialised in diabetes care, developing group education programmes for people to manage their own care. She became increasingly interested in the role of the people who delivered the programme and supported the patients.

She says: “After I started teaching self-management support skills I realised I needed to be able to describe and measure what I and others were doing!”

This led to a long collaboration with DESMOND (a group of self-management education modules, toolkits and care pathways for people with, or at risk of, Type 2 diabetes).

Sue’s PhD, ‘An exploration of the validity of the assessment tools used to review educator activities and behaviours in relation to the quality assessment of the delivery of the DESMOND structured group education programme for those with newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes’, is funded by the Leicester Diabetes Centre.

She also works in a GP practice with people who have diabetes. She hopes her research will support changes to the training and quality assurance processes of DESMOND educators, as well as provide guidance for assessing the delivery of other self-management programmes, such as for stroke rehabilitation.

Sue makes silver jewellery, sings in a rock choir and is looking forward to improving her golf handicap once she has submitted her thesis.