Teaching and Postgraduate Supervision

My teaching interests include: medical sociology, qualitative research methods, healthcare improvement research, critical public health, population based screening, women's health, and health policy.

I am an experienced PhD supervisor and have supervised eight students to completion to date. My current and completed students are shown below.

  • PhD supervisor to Rachel Lewis
    Working title: Deprescribing within the care home setting for patients with limited capacity: Achieving a person-centred approach
  • PhD supervisor to Shavez Jeffers
    Working title: Navigating perceived overdiagnosis and overtreatment - a sociological analysis of the experiences of people who decline treatment for anomalies identified through screening
  • PhD supervisor to Francesca Quattri
    Working title: The challenges of seeking to avoid overdiagnosis and overtreatment - exploring defensive practice
  • PhD supervisor to Gill Doe (Department of Respiratory Sciences)
    Working title: Diagnostic pathways for chronic breathlessness.
  • PhD supervisor to Jude Robinson (University of Nottingham)
    Working title: How do complex, professionally dominated organisations successfully implement quality and safety initiatives?
  • PhD supervisor to Julia Clark - PhD awarded June 2021, University of Leicester
    Thesis title: Diagnosing the ‘at risk’ fetus: an ethnographic study of practice following women’s reports of altered fetal movement.
  • PhD supervisor to Fawn Harrad - PhD awarded May 2021, University of Leicester
    Thesis title: Understanding hospital transfers from care homes in England: An ethnographic study of care home staff decision-making.
  • PhD supervisor to Caroline Cupit - PhD awarded December 2018, University of Leicester (Winner of College of Life Sciences Prize for Excellent PhD Performance)
    Thesis title: An ethnographic study of cardiovascular disease prevention: The social organisation of measures, knowledge, interventions and tensions in English general practice. 
  • PhD supervisor to Elli Gourna - PhD awarded June 2016, University of Leicester 
    Thesis title: A cross-national investigation of professionals' attitudes regarding clinical sequencing and incidental findings.
  • PhD supervisor to Robyn Lotto - PhD awarded November 2015, University of Leicester (Short-listed for College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology Prize for Excellent PhD Performance)
    Thesis title: Decision-making about congenital anomalies - how do women and their partners make the decision to continue or terminate a pregnancy following suspicion or diagnosis of a severe congenital anomaly?
  • PhD supervisor to Sarah Chew - PhD awarded January 2015, University of Leicester.
    Thesis title: Boundaries and brokerage in research practice collaboration - exploring intermediary roles in context.
  • PhD supervisor to Ainslea Cross - PhD awarded November 2014, University of Leicester.
    Thesis title: Evaluating diabetes intermediate care: patient, healthcare professional and stakeholder views and experiences.
  • PhD supervisor to Wee Liat Chong - PhD awarded May 2009, University of Warwick.
    Thesis title: Concordance in the treatment of alcohol misuse.

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