Research Projects 2000-2008

  • Trust, confidence and the regulation of risk: examining the Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care. Economic and Social Research Council 2007-2008 Dixon-Woods M, Bryman A, Ashcroft R.
  • Review of regulation of medical research. Medical Research Council. 2006-2007 Dixon-Woods M, Ashcroft R, Brownsword A, Bryman A, Yeung K.
  • Analysis of Research Ethics Committees’ letters about cancer trials and human tissue. 2007-2008 Dixon-Woods M, Ashcroft R, Bryman A, Angell E. Central Office for Research Ethics Committees.
  • Qualitative analysis of Research Ethics Committees’ letters and accreditation reports. Central Office for Research Ethics 2006 Dixon-Woods M, Ashcroft R, Angell E. Committees.
  • Consistency of Research Ethics Committee decision-making. 2006 East Midlands Innovation Hub. Dixon-Woods M.
  • Qualitative evaluation of Health Foundation Safer Patients Initiative. 2005-2008 Dixon-Woods M, Lilford RJ. Health Foundation via University of Birmingham 
  • Childhood cancer tissue donations: a gift relationship? 2004-2007 Dixon-Woods M, Seale C, Young B, Pritchard-Jones K, McHale J, Tobin M, Heney D, Forster J, Habiba M. Economic and Social Research Council.
  • Issues surrounding patient information leaflets for cancer Research. 2004-2007. The Trent Research and Development Unit
  • Qualitative study of the DESMOND randomised controlled trial. 2004-2005 Dixon-Woods M, Shaw R. DESMOND Trial Collaboration.
  • Access to healthcare by vulnerable groups: a meta-ethnographic literature review. 2002-2003 Dixon-Woods M, Annandale E, Arthur A, Harvey J, Hsu R, Katbamna S, Olsen R, Riley R, Smith S. Funded by the NHS Service Delivery and Organisation Programme.
  • Collins R, Atkinson M, Landray M, Burton P, Williams B, Cobbe S, Darlington J, Elliott P, Ford I, Majeed A, Dixon-Woods M, Newton J, Parker M, Pell J, Rodden T, Sinnott R. Virtual organisations for trials and epidemiological studies: using e-science for efficient recruitment, data collection, and management  in large-scale randomised trials and observational studies. Medical Research Council 2005-2009
  • Development of an educational intervention for amblyopia treatment. Gottlob I, Harrad RA, Dixon-Woods M, Collier J, Proudlock F. National Eye Research Centre. 2004-2005
  • Quality of life and childhood disability. Young B, Parkinson K, Clover A, Dixon-Woods M. ESRC  2004-2006
    Cross Research Council Networks in Patient Safety. Lilford R, Dixon-Woods M et al. MRC/ESRC/EPSRC 2003-2004
  • Informed consent: ascertaining patients’ requirements, and comparing methods of delivery. Habiba M, Dixon-Woods M, Akkad A, Kenyon S.  NHS Executive Trent (2001-2003)
  • Meta-analysis of qualitative and quantitative research. Jones DR, Abrams K, Dixon-Woods M, Fitzpatrick R. ESRC 1997-2000

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