Patient Experience And Reflective Learning (PEARL)


Timescale: October 2016 - October 2019

Funder: NIHR - Services and Delivery Research Programme


Key Points

  • The aim of the PEARL project is to create a reflective learning framework for staff in acute medical units and intensive care units, using patient experience data to improve patient and family experience of the emergency care pathway in hospital.



The PEARL project will examine techniques and contextual influences for acquiring and using patient experience data in a vulnerable population (acutely and critically ill patients and their families) in two emergency settings in hospital: the acute medical unit (AMU) and the intensive care unit (ICU). Both these areas are important in terms of patient volumes, acuity, costs and outcomes, and both offer access to measures of case mix and performance. Researchers will design an approach to collecting and presenting patient experience data to staff and will develop a protocol to encourage reflective learning so that staff continually engage in self-criticism and improvement.

SAPPHIRE researchers will conduct ethnographic work in each of the three participating hospitals, contributing to the development of the approach to data collection and feedback, and the reflective learning protocol.


The research study

Researchers will observe collection and feedback of experiential and quality and performance metrics in ICUs and AMUs and obtain views about credibility, utility and impact. They will conduct observations and informal chats with hospital staff and collect documents related to collection and feedback of patient experience and quality indicators and data on salient features of local systems, social factors, and organisational context. Researchers will interview members of staff and invite patients and carers to participate in focus groups or individual interviews. They will also hold focus groups and conduct observations of observations of reflective learning sessions and workshops to characterise successes and challenges in implementing reflective learning in the three sites.


Research team

Principal Investigator: Prof Julian Bion (University of Birmingham)

Qualitative Lead: Dr Carolyn Tarrant (University of Leiecster)

Co-investigators: Dr Randeep Mullhi (Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham), Professor Fang Smith (Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust), Professor Richard Lilford (University of Warwick), Duncan Buckley (PPI Representative), Mrs Lisa-Marie Buckley (PPI Representative), Dr Stephen Wright ( The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust), Ms Felicity Evison (Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham), Dr Carolyn Tarrant (University of Leicester), Professor Gavin Perkins (Warwick Medical School), Dr Paul Sullivan (Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust), Mr Kazi Zawad (Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham), Associate Professor Celia Taylor (University of Warwick), Dr Julian Archer (University of Plymouth)

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