Implementing Evidence and Improvement (IEI) Theme, CLAHRC East Midlands

Image by Danilo.mac (CC BY-SA)

Timescale: 2014-2018

Funder: NIHR


The research study

This project is a collaborative research and evaluation programme looking at key initiatives in innovation, healthcare improvement and knowledge translation across the region’s NHS organisations.

A group of researchers from different organisations will undertake research to advance the theories and methods for translating evidence-based innovations into routine clinical practice. This will involve evaluating the range of implementation, improvement, and translation strategies used by Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) East Midlands study teams. Researchers will identify transferable lessons and share them with collaborators, partner organisations, other healthcare leaders, and the health and implementation research communities. The group will also be responsible for supporting CLAHRC East Midlands study teams and advising them on implementation and knowledge translation strategies.



Current projects cover areas including

  1. Evaluating the adoption of technical innovations Aiming to understand and assess a range of technologies to improve health outcomes in various practice settings as they are applied and tested by CLAHRC studies.
  2. Understanding the design and implementation of educational interventions Aiming to understand how educational interventions to change professional and patient behaviours ad designed, developed, and applied in different settings.
  3. Utilising learning and evidence to inform system change Aiming to understand how the different forms of evidence and learning which are generated across CLAHRC projects are used by commissioners, providers, and partners.

Specific projects within the theme led by researchers at Leicester include A Stronger Voice, which is looking at developments in patient and public involvement in healthcare since the reforms to the NHS of 2012, and evaluations of the CLAHRC’s approach to patient and public involvement, and of its work in disseminating evidence to local healthcare organisations, and the ways these organisations make use of that evidence.


Research Team

Prof Justin Waring

Prof Graham Martin

Dr Pam Carter

Shona Agarwal

Dr Oli Williams

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