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SAPPHIRE is committed to converting research findings into clear, practical messages communicated in easily accessible formats. These include learning reports (such as those produced by the Health Foundation) and other summaries, for example, in the form of leaflets developed in partnership with research participants (such as those relating to the ORACLE children study).

SAPPHIRE uses interactive workshops and seminars to feed back its findings to research participants, and uses the responses of staff, patients and others to refine its messages and identify future research questions.


SAPPHIRE disseminates research findings and explores questions of academic and general interest on our Twitter account and via our blog.

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SAPPHIRE's contribution to external blogs:

Natalie Armstrong 2017

Increasing the impact of your research - how the Health Foundation's new toolkit can help

Prof Natalie Armstrong writes for the Health Foundation's blog to accompany a new toolkit on research impact they launched.

Posted 31 July 2017

Pam Carter

Improving health? Start local

Pam Carter writes for the Cost of Living blog, examining some of the positives, and negatives of a place based system of care might be, and how they might relate to processes concerned with ‘responsibilising’ individual citizens and ‘activating’ individual patients.

Posted on 25 May 2016

Dr Graham Martin

First among equals? Recommendations and guidelines for deciding who gets authorship credit.

Emmilie Aveling and Graham Martin posted a blog on the LSE Impact blog about our SAPPHIRE authorship principles

Posted on 20 June 2015

Emma Jones 2014

Drawing on her own personal experiences as a patient, a clinician and a researcher, Emma Jones writes her first thought provoking blog for the endometriosis UK website.

The woman who mistook her world for three hats.

Posted 25 June 2015

Carmen - 2014

Dr Carmen Eynon Soto

Posted on 17 January 2015

When systems meet people...and people meet systems


SAPPHIRE produces and features in a wide range of multimedia resources from webinars, videos and slideshows.

Webinar: Understanding and using the Patient Activation Measure in the NHS - November 2017

Prof Natalie Armstrong contributed to a Health Foundation webinar on the Patient Activation Measure.

This webinar will give commissioners and people with an interest in self-management the chance to:

  • Find out how health care services are used by people with different levels of activation i.e. levels of knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their own care
  • Learn from the experience of a GP using the PAM tool with patients with long term conditions


International Journal of Health Policy and Management Video Abstract - April 2016

A summary of a paper published in the journal by Dr Pam Carter and Professor Graham Martin entitled Challenges Facing Healthwatch, a New Consumer Champion in England.

Health Improvement Scotland WebEx - June 2015

A video recording of the 'What’s so tough about patient safety?' presented by Professor Mary Dixon-Woods.

Health Improvement Scotland WebEx - May 2015

Clinical communities for quality improvement - March 2015

Graham Martin's presentation at the International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare.

Mary Dixon-Woods: Ethics of patient safety and quality in healthcare - Jan 2015

In this short Wellcome Trust film, Prof Mary Dixon-Woods discusses her five-year project to examine the ethics of patient safety and quality in healthcare


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