SAPPHIRE Research Cited in House of Lords Briefing

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SAPPHIRE research has been cited in a House of Lords briefing on service user representation in health and social care and Healthwatch

Research by Dr Pam Carter and Professor Graham Martin, from the SAPPHIRE group (Social science Applied to HEalthcare Improvement Research), Department of Health Sciences, was cited extensively in the Lords Library briefing.

Dr Carter and Prof Martin have investigated how well the current system delivers patient and public involvement on health and social care in the East Midlands, and explored the challenges facing local Healthwatch organisations, which are intended to be consumer champion bodies. Their recent publication in the International Journal of Health Policy and Management, “Challenges Facing Healthwatch, a New Consumer Champion in England”, was cited thirteen times in the House of Lords briefing, indicating the considerable contribution it made to the field.

The briefing paper has been released in preparation for the following debate on Thursday, 15 December 2016:

Lord Harris of Haringey to move that this House takes note of the case for effective service user representation in health and social care, and of the case for enhancing the independence and capacity of Healthwatch England and of local Healthwatch groups.

The briefing stated:

“On this issue of capacity and resources, Dr Pam Carter and Professor Graham Martin from the University of Leicester’s Department of Health Sciences, observed that because local authority budgets had been under pressure in recent years, this potentially made local Healthwatch organisations vulnerable. Moreover, they argued that local Healthwatch organisations were potentially operating in ‘compromised contractual relationships’ because they were ‘expected to scrutinise services that are provided by their main source of funding’. Consequently, the authors argued that there was a ‘delicate balance to be achieved between having a seat at the table in order to exert influence and acting independently as a critic’.”

Dr Carter said: “We are very pleased that our research will inform the House of Lords debate instigated by Lord Harris of Haringey and we hope that our forthcoming publications on patient and public involvement in NHS Sustainability and Transformation Plans will also prove useful. We note with interest that the debate will be broadcast on Parliament TV. We would like to thank one of our own PPI Advisory Group members Geoffrey Smith for drawing our attention to the briefing.”




Further Information

Carter P., Martin G. (2016) Challenges Facing Healthwatch, a New Consumer Champion in England IJHPM

A video abstract for the article can be found on Youtube

The briefing paper can be found on the research briefings page on the Parliament website

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