SAPPHIRE News - September & October 2017

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Welcome to SAPPHIRE's monthly roundup of updates from the team, including achievements, new members, publications and presentations.


A warm SAPPHIRE welcome to Tom Furniss, who has joined the team as a doctoral student and will be supervised in part by Dr Carolyn Tarrant. His PhD research will investigate the things that influence staff – patient / carer interaction and communication in Intensive Care Units and Accident & Emergency Departments. It will use video-reflexive ethnography to investigate if / how it is possible to improve these interactions, and he will evaluate video-reflexive ethnography as an improvement method.


Congratulations to joint SAPPHIRE and TIMMS PhD student Julia Clark, who has passed her probationary review

Congratulations also to previous SAPPHIRE members Emma Angell and Carmen Soto, who have both successfully completed their PhDs.


Dr Carolyn Tarrant has had the following paper published:

Tarrant C, Leslie M, Bion J, Dixon-Woods M (2017) A qualitative study of speaking out about patient safety concerns in intensive care units. Social Science & Medicine; 193C:8-15

Dr Nicola Mackintosh has had two papers published:

Dr Eva Krockow has had the following paper published:

Krockow, E. M., Takezawa, M., Pulford, B. D., Colman, A. M., & Kita, T. (2017). Cooperation and trust in Japanese and British samples: Evidence from incomplete information games. International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation, 6(4), 227-245. doi:10.1037/ipp0000074

Dr Damian Roland has had two publications published:

Dr Tom Palser published a paper in the British Journal of Surgery with his previous MSc student:

Green, R., Charman, S.C. and Palser, T. Early definitive treatment rate as a quality indicator of care in acute gallstone pancreatitis. British Journal of Surgery (2017) doi:10.1002/bjs.10578

Finally, SAPPHIRE members Prof Natalie ArmstrongDr Carolyn TarrantProf Graham Martin and Dr Sarah Chew, alongside Department of Health Sciences colleague Brad Manktelow and ex-SAPPHIRE colleague Liz Brewster, have had their final report of their evaluation of the feasibility of using the Patient Activation Measure in the NHS in England published:

Armstrong N, Tarrant C, Martin G, Manktelow B, Brewster L, Chew S. Independent evaluation of the feasibility of using the Patient Activation Measure in the NHS in England - Final report. (2017)

Other academic news

Dr Carolyn Tarrant and Dr Eva Krockow had a very successful visit to Sri Lanka for the Antimicrobial resistance as a social dilemma: Approaches to reducing broad-spectrum antibiotic use in acute medical patients internationally project.

Additionally, Dr Tarrant was a faculty member for the 5th International Course on Implementation in Infection Control, which was held in Geneva. This was a two day international workshop, which she has been involved in for the past four years. This year’s workshop was attended by people from over twenty different countries and it received excellent feedback from attendees.

Dr Tarrant also gave a talk on qualitative vs quantitative research at the Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland Annual Congress in Liverpool.

Dr Nicola Mackintosh presented at two conferences in September:

  • Dr Mackintosh led a session at MedSoc on Problematising implementation and improvement: opening up a space for criticality in improving quality and the study of QI approaches, which included presentations from Prof. Graham Martin, Prof Davina Allen, Dr Lorelei Jones and Prof Annette Boaz. The session generated lots of interest on Twitter (#MedSoc2017) and at the conference.
  • Dr Mackintosh also presented a paper on the use of arts for knowledge translation at International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua).

Dr Eva Krockow has been invited to give a doctoral inaugural lecture in the evening of 31 January 2018.

Dr Damian Roland did an address at the Royal College of Emergency Medicine Scientific Conference on PERUKI (Paediatric Emergency Research United Kingdom and Ireland), the research organisation he chairs, and the implementation of the Emergency Care Data-set, which is a new coding system that commenced in October.

Dr Farhad Peerally delivered a well-received LIIPS seminar in September entitled Incident investigations in healthcare – From analysis to action: Evidence based perspectives.

Prof Natalie Armstrong has been appointed as an Associate Editor for the journal Family Practice.

Katie Brown, who completed an Intercalated BSc with SAPPHIRE recently on fertility preservation for young women with breast cancer, has had her work accepted for presentation at two conferences: one is Fertility 2018 (the joint conference of the Association of Clinical Embryologists, British Fertility Society and the Society for Reproduction & Fertility) and the other is the National Intercalaters Conference. She also attended the East Midlands Student Research Conference in Nottingham and won a prize for her oral presentation

Dr Oli Williams presented at two conferences in September 2017.:

  • Dr Williams presented a paper entitled Obesity, Stigma and Reflexive Embodiment: Feeling the ‘Weight’ of Expectation at the European Sociological Association (ESA) Conference in Athens. At this conference, he was re-elected onto the Board of ESA Research Network 28 - Society and Sport as the Early Career Researcher (ECR) Representative.
  • Dr Williams gave a talk about dissemination at the MedSoc Early Career Event, which he titled Picturing a Thesis: Creative modes of communicating research.

Dr Williams also re-staged the Equity is the Answer at the BSA MedSoc in York and gave an accompanying talk titled Equity is the Answer: Reflecting on the Picturing a Thesis Project.

Dr Tom Palser has been accepted onto the joint Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management / Royal College of Surgeons Tomorrow's Strategic Leadership Development Programme.

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