SAPPHIRE news - October 2015

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Welcome to SAPPHIRE's monthly newsletter, a roundup of good news from the team, with papers, presentations, and awards.


Prof Mary Dixon-Woods was an invited speaker at the following events:

  • US Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Annual Conference, co-hosted with Academy Health. Crystal City, Virginia, USA. 5 October 2015.

Two presentations:

a. Nothing so Practical as a Good Theory: Practical Guidance for Implementers of Quality and Safety Improvement Strategies

b. Approaches to Evaluating Dissemination and Implementation Interventions for Quality Improvement.

  • Theory and practice: the horizontal approach to improving quality of care. American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress. Chicago, 6 October 2015
  • Tales of the expected and unexpected: explaining why patient safety is so hard. 7th Annual University of Toronto Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Symposium. Toronto, 8 October 2015

Papers and Abstracts

  • Dr Natalie Armstrong has had a paper accepted:
    Armstrong N, Kenyon S. (in press) When choice becomes limited: women's experiences of delay in labour. Health.
  • Liz Sutton has had an abstract accepted on “Involving acutely ill patients and their relatives in qualitative research on patient safety: Methodological and ethical challenges” to be presented at a workshop for PhD students on ‘Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research: New insights for the study of health and illness’ at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa in Portugal in May 2016.

Awards and Nominations

As part of a small team from University Hospitals Leicester and the University of Leicester, Dr Damian Roland has been awarded a small Health Education East Midlands Grant to investigate the impact of safety huddles in the Children’s Hospital. He is especially interested in the way safety huddles are used differently in different clinical areas (the Emergency Department vs the Intensive Care unit for example).

Dr Damian Roland has also been nominated in this year’s East Midlands Leadership Recognition Awards in the category of Development Champion of the year.

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