SAPPHIRE News - November 2016

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Welcome to SAPPHIRE's monthly roundup of updates from the team, including awards, publications and presentations


Dr Natalie Armstrong has been awarded a prestigious Health Foundation Improvement Science Fellowship. From March 2017 she will be working on a project entitled “System change to mitigate overdiagnosis and overtreatment: How can we ensure ‘just enough medicine'?”. Her work will build an understanding of how and why overdiagnosis and overtreatment happen, the effects they have, and what strategies might be used to help tackle the problem.

Publications and Presentations

Dr Farhad Peerally has had a presentation on his PhD accepted for the next Quality Improvement Research Network meeting in Copenhagen (May 2017).

Dr Natalie Armstrong, Prof Graham Martin and former SAPPHIRE colleagues Dr Emmilie Aveling and Dr Georgia Herbert have had a paper accepted this month:

Aveling E-L, Martin GP, Herbert G, Armstrong N. (in press) Optimising the community-based approach to healthcare improvement: Comparative case studies of the clinical community model in practice. Social Science & Medicine

Dr Pam Carter has had an article accepted for publication in Time & Society:

Carter P. Time tactics: project managing policy implementation in a network. Time & Society

Dr Damian Roland has had a poster accepted to the British Thoracic Society Annual Meeting (December 8th) on “Childhood Asthma Management in Primary Care – Implementation of Nitrous Oxide and Spirometry Testing”.

Dr Damian Roland also recently presented on “Technology in Teaching: Pearls and Pitfalls” at the Paediatric Educators Special Interest Group (29th November) where his Simulation Fellow won an award for her presentation on their Simulation Debriefing app.

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