SAPPHIRE news - November 2015

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Welcome to SAPPHIRE's monthly newsletter, a roundup of good news from the team, including presentations and publications.
SAPPHIRE news - November 2015

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Prof Mary Dixon-Woods gave the following presentations:

  • Invited speaker. What works in improving quality and safety in healthcare – and what doesn’t. UCL Quality Forum, UCL Partners, London. 20 November 2015
  • Keynote speaker. Opportunities and challenges in improving quality and safety by working together. Q initiative Design Event, London 18 November 2015
  • Invited speaker. Learning from the evidence about what works in improving quality and safety in healthcare. 5th National Patient Safety Conference. Dublin, Ireland. 12 November 2015
  • Invited speaker. Developing safer clinical systems. Royal College of Anaesthetists Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group, Birmingham. 4 November 2015

Dr Damian Roland gave a talk at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health launch of the undergraduate paediatric curriculum on 5rh November entitled If students are on social media should you be? A summary of his talk can be found here


Dr Pam Carter, Dr Sarah Chew and Liz Sutton have had an abstract accepted for a chapter in an edited book ‘Traversing ethical imperatives in critical social and health research: Stories from the field’. Their chapter has the working title ‘Ethics in theory and pseudo-ethics in practice’.

Dr Natalie Armstrong has had a paper accepted:

The early findings report from the Patient Activation Measure Evaluation has been published by NHS England / The Health Foundation and is available here: This is a piece of work led by Dr Natalie Armstrong, working with Dr Liz Brewster, Dr Carolyn Tarrant, Prof Graham Martin, and TIMMS’ colleague Dr Brad Manktelow.

Dr Natalie Armstrong has also written a blog about the experience of evaluation the Patient Activation Measure, which be found here:

Dr Emmilie Aveling, Prof Mary Dixon-Woods, and their colleague Prof Michael Parker have had the following paper published:

Dr Damian Roland and colleagues have had the following paper published:

Other news . . .

Emma Jones reports that her study is now appearing on the SQUIRE website: 

Dr Damian Roland reports that the Paediatric Observation Priority Score (POPS) was shortlisted for an NHS Academy of Fab NHS Stuff award.

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