SAPPHIRE News - May 2016

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Welcome to SAPPHIRE's monthly roundup of good news from the team, including papers, blogs, and conference presentations.


Dr Elisa Liberati has had an editorial published in BMJ Quality & Safety:

Dr Farhad Peerally and Prof Mary Dixon-Woods have had an article entitled "The problem with Root Cause Analysis" accepted for publication in BMJ Quality & Safety. It is a viewpoint article that highlights some of the challenges facing RCA in healthcare and proposes some solutions. It was co-written with Justin Waring and Sue Carr.

Dr Carolyn Tarrant, Elizabeth Sutton and Prof Mary Dixon-Woods have had the following article accepted by BMJ Open:

  • Why is improving transitional care for older people so hard? An ethnographic study of a quality improvement project. BMJ Open (in press)

Dr Carolyn Tarrant, Elizabeth Sutton and colleagues have also had the following published:

Dr Natalie Armstrong and colleagues have had the following paper accepted in Family Practice:

  • Armstrong N, Herbert G, Brewster L. (In press) Contextual barriers to implementation in primary care: an ethnographic study of a program to improve chronic kidney disease care. Family Practice.

Dr Damian Roland’s work with POPS was highlighted in a booklet of 100 case studies produced for the NIHR's 10th birthday. Read more on this story here:

Dr Pam Carter published a blog, on the Cost of Living blog, about her reflections on the evaluation of a healthy eating intervention:

Conferences and Talks

Dr Farhad Peerally’s presentation at the Midlands Gastroenterology Society was awarded best oral presentation. He presented results of a feasibility study comparing two ablative techniques for the management of early cancer related to Barrett's Oesophagus. The same abstract has now been published in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, and Dr Peerally presented it at the Digestive Diseases Week in San Diego last week.

Dr Damian Roland gave an oral presentation at the International Paediatric Simulation Society (May 11th - Glasgow) entitled "How to Develop an In-Situ Children's Emergency Department Simulation Programme from Scratch!"


Congratulations to Dr Damian Roland and his department's education team (East Midlands Emergency Medicine Educational Media - EM3), on winning the HSJ Value in Healthcare award in the Education and Training category (Event 24th May). Details on their work are summarised here:

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